How To Choose the Best Engagement Session Locations

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You’ve booked your photographer and you’re looking forward to meeting them during your engagement session. But you’re already stumped. You don’t even know where you want your session to be, let alone what you’ll be wearing to your engagement shoot!

I’m here to tell you that you’re not alone! I see this often with my clients, and I work with them to help them figure out the best engagement session locations. I leave them with a series of questions to discuss and ponder over to make sure their engagement session feels true to their love. Here is what I ask my couples to discuss:

Think of locations that best represents you two as a couple

Are you two excited to be living in a bustling city? Do you two have a ritual of taking a hike every Sunday morning? Do you two regularly visit the beach to decompress from the week?

It wouldn’t make sense to have an adventurous, hiking engagement session if you’re city folk. And the same goes vice versa. When I’m shooting subjects, I’m constantly checking if their poses feel comfortable. The same can go for locations. If you don’t feel comfortable with where we’re shooting, it will show in the photos.


Think of your wedding location or theme of your wedding

This one goes out to my lavish couples! If you’re having a luxurious, editorial-inspired wedding, use your engagement session to be a teaser for your guests. Find a dramatic and jaw-dropping location to hold your engagement session and use the photos as your save the dates. Use your engagement session as an opportunity to let your guests know what to expect on your wedding day.

Keep in mind how formal, or casual, your wedding will be. Think of what the decor, the venue, the vibes will be like. Use this as a starting point for your engagement session brainstorm.


Think of weather conditions

If you live in a place that has seasons (aka any place outside of California), then you should probably think of the time of year you want to have your shoot in and the typical weather conditions. Perhaps consider inside locations for your engagement session if the weather can be unpredictable at that time of the year. Also, consider postponing your engagement session until the more milder weather conditions of the year.


Don’t be afraid to travel out of your area

Don’t be afraid to use your engagement session as an opportunity to be photographed in the location of your dreams! Consider locations in a different part of your state, or even a completely different country. Bring it up to your photographer to see what your options are. Chances are, your photographer will be thrilled to travel with you both!

This option may not be for everyone for a variety of reasons. But if you’re having issues finding locations that fit what you’re looking for in your area, consider looking at locations in another region. All of this extra effort must mean your photos mean a lot to you, so take advantage of this moment and be photographed in the location of your dreams!


I hope you find these tips helpful! Engagement sessions should be personal, and you should use this opportunity to explore special locations that represent your relationship and love. If you’re still stumped with coming up with a location, I’m always here to give some more advice tailored to you and guide you through your engagement session process!

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